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Is Your Hospital Baby-Friendly™?

Baby-Friendly™ Hospital Designation, a 10-step process undertaken by hospitals and clinics worldwide, ensures that new moms have the information, confidence and skills to successfully initiate and continue breastfeeding.
Baby-Friendly™ USA is the independent designating agency (no affiliation with the NMBFTF).

There are 30 hospital facilities with maternity care units across the state. Eight have been designated Baby-Friendly™ (see list below), and four of those are part of Indian Health Services. “That’s a designation that shows a huge commitment and takes years to achieve—huge culture shift within the hospital systems,” says Erin Marshall, Baby-Friendly™ hospital project director with the New Mexico Breastfeeding Task Force.

When you give birth at a Baby-Friendly™ hospital, breastfeeding is encouraged from the start. Skin-to-skin after birth is a standard practice, as is "rooming-in," (when babies stay in the rooms with their mothers rather than going to a nursery). Nurses and other medical staff have training to help you breastfeed successfully, including how to get baby to latch on. At Baby-Friendly™ hospitals, breastfeeding is treated as a normal, healthy part of the bonding process between mother and baby is supported every step of the way.

Baby-Friendly™ hospitals must buy their own formula, rather than having it donated by formula companies. They must also make sure there is no formula advertised anywhere on their property or at associated clinics. 

Zuni Comprehensive Health Center (Zuni)
Northern Navajo Medical Center (Shiprock)
Crownpoint Health Care Facility (Crownpoint)
Gallup Indian Medical Center (Gallup)
Mountainview Regional Medical Center (Las Cruces)
University of New Mexico Hospital (Albuquerque)
Presbyterian Hospital (Albuquerque)
Gila Regional Medical Center (Silver City)


  • In 2000, the Task Force adopted an initiative to eliminate formula discharge packs, one of the 10 steps, from hospital nurseries throughout New Mexico.
  • To date, 18 out of 31 maternity care hospitals have “banned the bag” in New Mexico.
  • In 2012 the task force received funding to support a movement focused on making every maternity care hospital in NM baby friendly.

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