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The New Mexico Breastfeeding Task Force is a coalition committed to increasing breastfeeding rates by working with the community to promote breastfeeding, supporting hospitals in their efforts to achieve Baby-Friendly designation, improving workplace and daycare breastfeeding conditions and advocating for supportive legislative policies.

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Baby-Friendly Hospital Project Team

Promotes the Baby-Friendly Health Initiative in hospitals and in communities.  Supports hospitals with the Ten Steps and their work towards Baby-Friendly designation. Builds community support for supportive maternity care and infant feeding practices.

Chapter Engagement, Visibility & Fundraising Project Team

Supports NMBTF chapters in their work to engage a broader portion of their communities to engage marginalized groups in a way that is culturally competent and promotes, enhances and sustains diversity and grows membership while assisting chapters with their annual fundraising goals.

Clinical Education Project Team

Provides a forum for health care providers to discuss and plan lactation educational needs, develop strategies for strengthening the continuum of care, network with other professionals on challenges/successes. Responsible for review of all NMBTF print material for ensuring compliance with evidence and standards of care and development of content for CME activities and curriculums.

Conference Planning Project Team

Works with conference planner to plan the annual lactation conference. Determines conference theme identifies potential speakers, develops agenda.

Corporate & Education Engagement Project Team

Assists the NMBTF in 1) recruiting k-12 schools, colleges and universities to participate in the NMBTF community to IBCLC pipeline program, 2) recruiting companies to participate in the Workplace Liaison program and 3) generating new corporate sponsorship opportunities.

Data/Research/Evaluation Project Team

Oversees and coordinates TF research, data collection, and evaluation efforts.  Currently contracting with UNM BBER to conduct an economic impact study of breastfeeding in New Mexico.

Equity Project Team

Supports the consistent implementation of practices and strategies that are in line with NMBTF's mission to reduce racial inequities within the organization and breastfeeding inequities across the community at large.

Social Enterprise Project Team

Researches, creates, and implements alternative, self-sustaining revenue generating efforts for the purpose of diversifying the NMBTF funding portfolio.



Advocacy & Policy Committee

Engages in strategies to improve New Mexico's culture of breastfeeding through policy initiatives.

Communications/Public Relations Committee

Keeps an inventory of NMBTF communications (eg social media pages, printed lit, website, interviews with the media, quarterly newsletters, etc), vets communication plans, policies, and procedures and recruits and mentors volunteer members to assist with the social media pages/blog & vlog posts.

Donor Human Milk Committee

Strives to ensure that every medically fragile or very pre-term baby has health coverage for and access to donor human milk.

Finance Committee

Works with Task Force treasurer and accountant to ensure the organization’s financial stability by providing oversight on its fiscal policies and procedures. Ensure accurate tracking, monitoring, and accountability of funds.  Reviews financial statements and reports.

NM Lactation Lawyers Caucus

Provides legal education regarding the current practice of breastfeeding law in New Mexico and implements strategies regarding the creation, implementation, and enforcement of present/future breastfeeding law. Made up predominantly of lawyers, paralegals, law professors, law students, and law school graduates.