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Christine Kamm

Christine is an accounting professional with over thirty years of experience in financial and regulatory reporting and analysis. She graduated from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill with a BS in Business Administration, concentration in Accounting. She worked in public accounting for the first five years. Christine took a year off with first child and went back to work part time as Finance Director for YWCA of Albuquerque. In 1999, Christine established a home based accounting firm, specializing in financial consulting and reporting for small businesses and non-profit organizations.

Administrative Assistant

Staci Miceli

Staci Miceli provides support to our members, partners, and staff.  She will be the friendly face you meet during our new office hours, Monday through Wednesday, from 10am to 2pm. Staci has worked in public relations for more than 20 years and will use her extensive event coordination experience to assist us in successfully planning our Quarterly Meetings, Annual Conference, and Hospitals & Clinics Summit.




Clinical Consultant

Donyelle Miller

Aside from mothering her kids, Donyelle’s greatest passion is advocating for health equity and women’s health issues within her community. She is extremely excited and honored to be working with the New Mexico Breastfeeding Task Force. Alongside her husband she has had the opportunity to parent 2 amazing children ages 7 and 12.  Her experiences working with women and their families began in her work as an addiction counselor, but with the birth of her own daughter, she became more aware of the impact that health inequities have on women and children and, by extension, her own community. She decided that women’s health was the area in which she wanted to serve her community and started out as Breastfeeding Peer Counselor with W.I.C. Then, while working as a peer counselor with W.I.C, she completed Nursing school.  In 2011, Donyelle was given the opportunity to work as a Nurse in Labor and Delivery in Fort Defiance, AZ. Donyelle and her family left the community of Fort Defiance in May of 2015 so that she could attend graduate school. In May of 2017, she received her Masters Degree in Nurse-Midwifery from the University of New Mexico. Since working as a Breastfeeding Peer Counselor, she also obtained her certification as an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant. Donyelle and her family have made New Mexico their home and she looks forward to continuing to work alongside the women and their families within her community.


Clinical Consultant

Karla Radosevich

Karla has been a postpartum and newborn nurse for over 10 years and works as a Certified Maternal Newborn Nurse and Clinical Practice Leader on the Mother/Baby unit for Presbyterian Hospital. She has been in Lactation Services for over three years and serving as a Lactation Consultant for two. She is a Baby-Friendly Champion for Presbyterian Main Hospital, a Baby-Friendly designated hospital since 2015, and assisted with training processes for Baby-Friendly designation. As a New Mexico Breastfeeding Task Force clinical consultant, she will promote hospitals in the state of New Mexico to expand training and achieve Baby-Friendly Status. She has been with the New Mexico Breastfeeding Task Force for three years as a committee member for the Annual Conference, as well as Baby-Friendly staff. She is continuing her education by attending Graduate school for a Masters in Nursing Education and plans on graduating in 2018. She has two daughters that were both breastfed. She has a passion for educating communities about the benefits of and normalizing breastfeeding.

Clinical Consultant

Siboney Rodriguez

Siboney A. Rodriguez, LMSW, has proudly lived and grown up in New Mexico, surrounded by culture and diversity. As a mother of three boys and approaching a total of 6 years breastfeeding, Siboney is passionate about familial health and bonding. Siboney was accepted into the advanced standing program at New Mexico Highlands University and graduated in 2013 with her Master’s Degree in Clinical Social Work. After spending much of her college internships in clinical settings, Siboney developed her desire for working with infants and their families. Siboney has been working with a local hospital for the last four years as a Licensed Masters Social Worker, primarily in the Family Birthing Center and Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Siboney feels internally inspired to contribute towards the development of community encouragement and support for breastfeeding.

Clinical Consultant

Kimberly Smetzer

Kimberly Smetzer, RN, IBCLC, started working with new breastfeeding mothers and after her daughter Tiffany was born. Breastfeeding was so much harder than she had imagined and she really thought of giving up. The amazing support she received while breastfeeding her children was the driving force behind where she is today. Since graduating from Nursing school in 1999, Kimberly has worked in two countries and four different states while accompanying her military spouse. She has had the privilege of working in Mother/Baby, Labor and Delivery, and Transition Nursery positions. Kimberly became an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, (IBCLC) and has been able to use that knowledge in all of her positions.  Kimberly and her husband moved to Las Cruces in the summer of 2008. Since then, she has worked as a Lactation Consultant and Nurse Manager at Mountain View Regional Medical Center with a wonderful group of people that believe in the same principles. They are proud to one of 8 Baby-Friendly Hospitals in the state of New Mexico, while setting a standard that makes Baby-Friendly and Ten Steps to Successful breastfeeding the norm versus the exception.




Outreach & Chapter Regional Coordinator 

Kelly Camden

Kelly Camden has served families as a doula, educator, and midwife. She is committed to improving health outcomes in our community through education, advocacy, and access to care. Kelly will support NMBTF as Central/Northern Regional Coordinator for Chapter Engagement and Outreach.

Outreach & Chapter Regional Coordinator 

Jessica Marquez

Jessica Marquez has a background in community health and has three wonderful kids. She is very familiar with the Southwest communities. She loves the idea of women reaching their breastfeeding goals and promoting healthy families! Jessica has been with the Task Force supporting the Southern Region and chapters since August 2016. Jessica also speaks Spanish.

Outreach Field Liaison

Whitney Conyers

Whitney Conyers is a breastfeeding mother and a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.  Whitney is passionate about normalizing breastfeeding, reducing disparities, and promoting community support for breastfeeding mothers.  Whitney's role is a supportive role to Kelly Camden; she will support chapter engagement and outreach initiatives for the Central through Northern region. 


Outreach Field Liaison

Bianca Kertson

Bianca Kertson has a background in communications and public health. She is very knowledgeable
about her community and is passionate about increasing breastfeeding support in the workplace. In
addition to serving as a Breastfeeding Workplace Liaison, Bianca will also be supporting our Southern New Mexico Regional Coordinator, Jessica Marquez, in chapter engagement and community outreach activities. Bianca also speaks Spanish.




Workplace Liaison

Maria Teresa Bautista Cassidy-Begay

Maria Teresa Bautista Cassidy-Begay has worked as a Nutritionist Dietitian for over 25 years in the Philippines and New Zealand and has always been an advocate for breastfeeding. She would love to do the same in her new home, the United States of America, specifically here in Northwest New Mexico. She enjoys working with moms and their babies and feels it has been a huge blessing to teach Moms and help them and their babies stay healthy. Maria will be serving as Breastfeeding Workplace Liaison.

Workplace Liaison

Bianca Kertson

Bianca Kertson has a background in communications and public health. She is very knowledgeable about her community and is passionate about increasing breastfeeding support in the workplace. In addition to serving as a Breastfeeding Workplace Liaison, Bianca will also be supporting chapter engagement and community outreach activities in Southern New Mexico. Bianca also speaks Spanish.