Established 1988
                                              •In addition we have stipends of up to $100/chapter available to local chapters or other
                                               agencies for mini-projects to be done in conjunction with World Breastfeeding Week,
                                               August 1-6 each year. 
Applications from local chapters for WBW stipends should be
                                               received by June 30th.  Local chapters have priority to receive funds.  Other
                                               organizations will be considered if residual funds are available.  Consequently we can
                                               receive, but not consider applications from other organizations until July 15th.  Within 30
                                               days of the completion of the project, the
Actual Budget Form must also be

                                              •Local chapter members may also
apply for travel stipends to attend our quarterly
                                                meetings in Albuquerque. We understand that there are members in remote parts of
                                                the state who find the distances and times necessary for travel too burdensome. 

                                              •Finally, we are able to provide
scholarships for the IBCLC certifying exam. (A total of 8
                                               Certification or Recertification Scholarships will be rewarded.)

I. Who is eligible?

       A.  Local chapters of The New Mexico Breastfeeding Task Force
       B.  Non-chapter members wishing to apply are encouraged to become members of a
             local chap
ter or to obtain sponsorship of an active local chapter Task force member.
       C.  If there is no local chapter of the Task Force in your community, you can start a local
             chapter by contacting Sharon Giles-Pullen at 505-476-8812.

II. Description of the Grant

       A.  Grant payments are only made to  local Task Forces. Please indicate the proper name of the local Task Force.     
       B.  The NM Breastfeeding Task Force grant funding for the year 2013 is $10,000.00.
       C  .Grant applications will be accepted for amounts from $100  to ?.
       D.  In the case of multiple applications partial funding may be awarded.
       E.  Applications will be accepted from November 1, 2012 until noon on November 30, 2012.
       F. Grants are intended to provide funds for a one time project or start-up funds.  Grants will not be given for previously
             funded projects.  Examples of grant requests that are not acceptable:
                                   • funds to attend conferences; certification or exam fees
                                   • any items normally paid by agencies or entities such as hospitals, clinics,
                                      or federally funded programs as part of their operating or equipment budget
                                   • salaries or stipends even for peer counselors.
                                   • funds to purchase items for rent such as breast pumps.
                                   • food, including meals, snacks, and bottled water.
       G. Proposals must demonstrate intent to positively impact breastfeeding initiation and/or duration.
       H. The proposal should be no longer than 4 pages.  Appendixes or supporting documentation are not allowed.
             Helpful hints:  The grant application is very short for a reason.  We want it to be easy for all applicants.  But please
            explain in detail why you need a grant, what you will spend the money on, and how the grant will work. Convince
            us! Not all members of the grant committee have breastfeeding backgrounds  Make sure your proposals will be
            understood by lay persons. 
III. Proposal Guidelines

      A.  The Need- What is the problem/need in your community?  Include a needs assessment.

            This could include a formal survey, client interviews, chart review, or a literature search.
      B.  Project Objectives- Clear outcomes that can be measured.
      C.  Project Description- List the specific activities of the project including who will be
            responsible for these activities, when you will start, and a proposed completion date.
      D.  For a project involving another organization/agency/business,etc, please document a   
            supporting statement from them. Example: The XYZ Company has agreed to provide
            pump room space if a grant can purchase the supplies. 
      E.  Evaluation- How will you measure your outcomes?           
      F.  Budget- List all expenses in detail. If a grant is awarded, the accounting of expenses must be submitted within
           30 days of completion of the grant project.          
     G.  Successful grant recipients must present a written report including outcomes at the December 2013 Task
           Force meeting. An oral presentation will be due at the March, 2014 Task Force meeting.
Application Checklist

                                                           I.  Cover Sheet Completed and Signed
                                                          II.  Needs Assessment
                                                         III.  Measurable Outcomes/Objectives
                                                         IV. Project Description
                                                         V.  Evaluation
                                                        VI.  Budget Form (Please use the form included)
                                                       VII.  Grant Accounting Form (To be submitted  within 30 days of completion of
                                              Note: Numbers II-V should total no more than 4 pages

Submit applications to:
               Jacie Coryell
              8801 Lagrima de Oro NE
              Albuquerque, NM 87111 or

             •Grant applications may be submitted by email and confirmation receipts will be sent.
               Please make sure they are submitted by the deadline of noon on November 30th.
             •Grant applications may be mailed.  We strongly suggest that you pay for Delivery Confirmation.
               Please make sure the grant is received by noon of November 30th. 

Submit reports to:
              Jacie Coryell
              8801 Lagrima de Oro NE
              Albuquerque, NM 87111 or

              Call for additional information:  505-293-5215                  
Grant Applications and Guidelines
The New Mexico Breastfeeding Task Force in its effort to promote breastfeeding  offers to its members several grant opportunities:

•The most noteworthy are grants given to individual chapters.  Ten Thousand dollars ($10,000.00) are available for grants in 2013.   Please read, reflect on, and note the
Grant Proposal Guidelines below .
We require that they be followed accurately.   (
Grant Application Cover Sheet ) (Proposed Budget Form(Actual Budget Form)
The New Mexico
               Task Force